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Meeting Dates This Semester: Check Back in Spring 2008!

The Chicago Computer Society is a non-profit organization providing educational and informational opportunities for its members. Through interaction with each other and with vendors, members expand their knowledge, understanding and productive use of personal computer software and hardware. The Society receives its vitality from members volunteering their time and talents to create services for fellow members. In meetings and events held throughout Chicagoland, our members contribute these services in turn to the community. The Society constructively influences the development of software and hardware by encouraging participation of publishers and manufacturers in activities through which members voice their ideas and concerns regarding future products.
For more information go to: http://www.ccs.org

Meetings: Meetings will be held on the Des Plaines campus.
Time and Room Number will be announced before the meetings and on this web site.

History: CCS Student Chapter was established by a group of students from the
Microsoft® Certified System Engineer Fast Track curriculum and was approved by the Oakton Community College Board of Student Affairs in September 1999.
Topics covered previously: Microsoft Scalability and Reliability, Implementation of Windows 2000 Windows XP, Exchange 2000 and Instant Messaging and Preparation for Certification, E-commerce and E-Business Direction and Survival Tactics, GNU/Linux and Open Source Development Model; Linux in the Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2007, Network Infrastructure , Structured Cabling, Microsoft Robotics Studio, and Microsoft Windows Vista.

OCC Chapter Membership: Membership is open to all current OCC students and alumni
CCS Dues: $30 payable to The Chicago Computer Society. Please register online at www.ccs.org
Required Attendance: At least 2 per year.

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